Firewall for Android

There is a plenty of Android apps that provide various kinds of firewall functionality.

You can divide them in two groups: a huge list of apps that require root privileges and a small list of apps that don't require root.

Rooting your device is the worst thing you can do to security of your device so we are not going to review the firewall apps that require root privileges. Let's focus on apps that are called "NoRoot" firewalls.

NoRoot Firewall

Please, check out the most popular Android apps that provide firewall functionality without root privileges.

Application LostNet NoRoot Firewall Pro LostNet NoRoot Firewall Mobiwol NoRoot Firewall NoRoot Firewall
Author LostNet LostNet Mobiwol Grey Shirts
Price Paid Free Free Free
Report data
per app
Block any app
Block any app
in background
Block any app
at night
Block any app
in the office
Report data
per country
Block any country
Block ads
Block malware

Hope that helps you to decide. Feel free to ask me for more info: